E-Hookah / Electronic Hookah

The origin of the hookah is in India and Persia back in the 16th century but the profit of joy it made feel, caused the spread of the habit.
Today hookah is engraved on the flag of cultures in the Middle East, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and all over Africa.
Thanks to the invention of E-Hookah (Electronic hookah), it is also becoming very popular in Western countries.

Disadvantage of smoking regular hookah:

There are few things that make this enjoyable ceremony be treated as unnecessary:  the coal, the dominant and repulsive smell and the constant threat of fire.
The electronic hookah was invented to solve the negative sides of the authentic way of social smoking and it offers the healthiest way to use the antic smoking equipment.

Benefits of E-Hookah (Electronic hookah):

  • Electronic hookah do not require the use of tobacco.
  • Electronic hookah is not harmful to health in any way.
  • No need for the coal.
  • The preparation does not requires waiting because the hookah is ready for use within seconds.
  • Does not soil the environment.
  • Not dangerous - E-Hookah can`t cause a fire.
  • There is no a real smoke, so you can use anywhere.
  • Easy to use.

It's delicious and pleasurable just like the regular hookah.

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