New to vaping? Not sure where to start?
Don’t you worry, we’ve got you covered.

The Internet has tons of information about vaping and e-cigarettes. However, if you’ve never been exposed to vaping jargon, it’s easy to get lost in all the terminology that expert vapers use today. Let Smoke To Live help you discover what Vaping is all about.

Are you still an Analog smoker?

If the answer to this is Yes, then perhaps it’s time to make the smarter choice and Commit to Quit cigarettes, when you begin your vaping journey. Vaping is widely considered a far healthier decision than smoking actual cigarettes and is a great way to kick that old school, expensive, analog habit. Therefore, saving you money, reducing potential health problems and long-term health-care cost.

What Exactly is Vaping?

Vaping is the act, or practice of inhaling and exhaling, nicotine or non-nicotine, e-liquid or e-juice, in the vapour form produced by a vape/electronic cigarette or similar device. An electronic cigarette or more commonly known as an e-cigarette, is the actual device used to atomize e-liquid into a ‘Gaseous’ or vapour state. There are many brands, devices and modifications on the market, and they come in all shapes, specs and sizes. Today we will explore some of those options We will help you get your head out of the clouds and join the e-revolution.

Understanding The Different Types of E-Cigarettes?

In this section of “from Atomizers to Zooping, a beginner’s guide to Vaping” we look at the different types of e-cigarettes you might encounter in your local Vape Store.

The Closed System E-Cigarette aka Faux-Cig.
What is a Closed System e-cigarette?

Some devices may look like an analog cigarette and others might look a lot like a pen, or even a tube. Generally, these are long slim devices that do not need to be taken apart to be refilled. Closed System e-cigarettes are usually made up of two separate parts, a) The rechargeable device itself, that cannot be disassembled and contains an internalized heating element that controls temperature and vaporizes the e-liquid. b) The cartridge, a removable, sealed unit containing the e-liquid, that can be switched out easily and substituted for a new cartridge. Take a look at one of our SmokeToLive Closed System e-cigarette starter kits.

The Open System E-Cigarette.
What is an Open System e-cigarette?

Usually we find that Open System e-cigarette’s are considerably larger and somewhat bulkier than their Closed system counterparts. Functionally, they serve the same purpose, converting power from the battery and utilizing that to power the atomizer, in order to heat the e-liquid into vapour. These devices are not disposable, so you can use them repeatedly for extended periods. Open System e-cigarettes contain removeable parts and therefore require more maintenance and cleaning. However, because they are reusable, Open System e-cigarettes are generally more cost effective.

Open System e-cigarettes are usually made up of three separate parts, a) The rechargeable device itself. b) The Mouthpiece, which is removable and connected to c) The Clearomizer, which is basically a combined e-liquid cartridge with atomiser that has clear walls. This allows you to more easily monitor the levels of e-liquid and gives you access to refill your favourite e-liquid flavour manually. Take a look at one of our SmokeToLive Open System e-cigarette starter kits.

Mods and Advanced Personal Vaporizers – APV’s

Now let’s talk Mods aka APV’s aka Advanced Personal Vaporizers. Whilst these are more commonly used by Veteran Vapers, anybody can build themselves their own Personalized unit, based on their own unique preferences. APV’s are very customizable, you can find them in many different styles and specifications. You can get your own custom Mods such as an extra-large battery or an extra long mouthpiece. The customization of these vapes makes them extremely popular. Take a look at one of our SmokeToLive Mod starter kits.

What Type Of E-Cigarette Should I buy?

It depends on how much you already know about e-cigarettes. If you’re a novice, the Dos Full Kit is a great option. The Dos refills last twice as long and create more vapor. (Cartomizers). With our new DOS kit, you are ensured to get the best tasting, cleanest experience possible. Explore SmokeToLive’s Extensive Range of High Quality Vaping Products.

How Does My E-cigarette Work?

We are going to walk you through the step-by-step process of how your e-cigarette works:

  • First off let’s talk about charging. Your device needs to be charged in order to power the atomizer and create vapour. E-cigarettes usually take roughly 1-3 hours to charge fully. These devices typically charge quicker when plugged directly into a mains outlet.
  • Once you are fully charged you can turn on your device. The heating element inside will begin to heat up the e-liquid. When heated enough, the e-liquid becomes vapour.
  • E-liquid or E-Juice is the fluid which is heated into vapour by the e-cigarette. SmokeToLive has a wide variety of strength and flavours for you to choose from.
  • Storage is vital and by keeping your device in an optimal environment, you can ensure longevity for your device. Keep your device out of direct sunlight and at room temperature and try not to get your device dirty to avoid any damage.
  • Refilling or Topping, your device. When the e-liquid or e-juice inside your device runs out don’t panic. On a Closed System e-cigarette like the Dos e-cigarette you can easily replace the cartomizer. On an Open System e-cigarette like the Ego e-cigarette you can simply remove the mouthpiece and replace e-liquid in the clearomizer.


Getting To Know Your E-Liquids aka E-Juice, Smoke Juice, Vape Juice.

SmokeToLive has an extensive range for you to explore. The main terms you need to know are VG (Vegetable Glycerin) and PG (Propylene Glycol).

  • Propylene Glycol is commonly used in food and plastics production and is more widely used for e-liquid manufacturing than Vegetable Glycerin. Propylene Glycol is slightly less thick than Vegetable Glycerin and because of this it is easier to clean your clearomizer and it is also said to provide a better ‘hit’ and can offer superior flavor, to Vegetable Glycerin.
  • Vegetable Glycerin is slightly sweeter than Propylene Glycol and becuase Vegetable Glycerin is more viscous than Propylene Glycol, it is said to deliver the vaper much thicker plumes/clouds of vape than Propylene Glycol, however remember to clean your device often to avoid any clogging of your clearomizer.
  • Although some vape juice are Nicotine Free, many of them do contain a variety of different strength Nicotine dosages, these are measured in percentages to indicate how much of the e-liquid itself is made of Nicotine. Remember not are e-liquids are made equal, some are much stronger than others, fortunately there are also Nicotine Free alternatives on the market as well.