Frequently Asked Questions

Smoke To Live general questions

Yes of course. Just pick a bottle of e-Liquid with 0% nicotine.

No, the E-Cigarette is intended for use by adults only, and it is not intended to be used by pregnant women and those who are sensitive to nicotine.

Smoke To Live E-Cigarette contains water, propylene glycol (a compound that is permitted by FDA regulation in food additives for human consumption) and nicotine.
Smoke To Live E-Cigarette cartridges have been toxicologically tested and have been proven to contain no known ingredients which are considered cancer-causing agents. Our E-Cigarettes also holds CE & ROHS certifications, that certify that our product has met the European consumer safety, health, and environmental requirements.

The E-Cigarette is available on our website  or through out all of the retailers in the US.

Having spoken to our customers, the one thing that they keep mentioning is how the kits they receive are always exactly what they want. That is mainly because we cater for as many different types of smokers/new vapers we can imagine so wherever you fit into that spectrum you can be guaranteed to find the right strength of e-liquid for you and the most optimized vaporizer for your own personal needs. We have our finger on the pulse too, so are constantly striving to stay ahead of the pack with new innovations.

Our representatives answer the phones and take care of each order, making sure that everything you ordered will work together. Honest, quick, meticulous and reliable, any problems you might have will be swiftly dealt with so quickly, you won’t even remember you had one! Our customer service is available 5 days a week and you get to talk to an actual vaper too!

Yes, there are cheaper electronic cigarettes and vaporizers on the market, however, there are thousands of different MP3 players too, but 90% of customers still buy the iPOD right? Here at Smoke To Live our products are made to a premium standard and are built to provide our customers the aesthetic quality and ergonomic functionality they deserve. Our products last so you won’t have to buy a new one every 2 months.

Whatever you want, we have, it won’t be on the site if we don’t. Simple as that.

We don’t make blunders, so you won’t have any recurring charges on your monthly bank statements from us. With us, you buy what you want when you need it. Other electronic cigarette companies may try and entice you with free samples or trials of their products but don’t believe the hype. Their products are way inferior to ours and you will probably get stuck with batches of e-liquid being delivered to your door that you didn’t order.

Yes, the e-Cigarette electrical components such as the battery and charger have a life-time warranty.

Smoke To Live e-Liquid contains water, artificial flavor, propylene glycol & Vegetable glycerin (compounds that are permitted by FDA regulation in food additives) and nicotine (excluding flavors with no nicotine)

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Most smokers smoke because they enjoy the delightul, physical, emotional feelings they get in smoking traditional cigarettes. The E-Cigarette will provide you with all those pleasures, but without all the problems that are related with traditional smoking. The main reasons people use E-Cigarette include: healthier smoking, freedom to smoke anywhere and everywhere, no first or second hand smoke, no smoke nor odor, non-flammable, convenient and cheaper than traditional cigarettes.

Yes. It is. In the locations we actually have more deals. We recommend visiting the locations for more info.

After your initial investment in the E-Cigarette starter kit, you will start to notice significant savings of up to 50-80 percent. A single cartomizer is equivalent to 20-30 cigarettes or more, but less than 1/2 of the price of a pack of traditional cigarettes. When refilling the our e-Liquid your saving can reach up to 95%.

The smoke that is released from the E-Cigarette is simply a harmless vapor that evaporates into the air within seconds. E-Cigarette leaves no pollutants or contamninants in the air, and it will cause no harm to anyone around you.

The taste of the E-Cigarette resembles that of traditional tobacco, but feels much smoother and cleaner as there are no harsh nor abrasive sensations as with inhaling real tobacco. We also have several flavors to choose from, such as: apple, cherry, strawberry, chocolate, coffee, vanilla and mint.


Electronic cigarettes are a lot less expensive than smoking tobacco cigarettes. The traditional pack of tobacco cigarettes costs around $7-$19, depending on where you live. One electronic cigarette cartridge is equal to nearly a full pack and only costs $2. That is about a $4-$9 savings on every pack! Save even more money by using E-Liquid and filling the cartridges yourself. This equates to less than a $1 per pack!

When you smoke a tobacco cigarette you feel obligated to smoke the entire cigarette. The e-cigarette allows you to take a few puffs and put it away for another time. You may naturally smoke less because of this. Also, the electronic cigarette does not sit in an ashtray burning your money when not in use.


• No Smoke smell
No more smoke making your hair, clothes, breath, and fingers smell. Use the electronic cigarette in your car and house without that smokey odor. When you use an electronic cigarette you breathe vapor. Electronic cigarettes do not have an extremely hot end, therefore the possibility of burn is minimal. No more burn holes in your carpet, clothes, furniture, and car interior! Since electronic cigarettes are not lit and do not heat up it is nearly impossible for you to burn a hole in anything. Simply put your electronic cigarette in your pocket when you are done.

• No ashtrays, no lighters
With Electronic cigarettes, you do not need ashtrays since they do not produce any ashes or butts. No lighter is needed either! Electronic cigarettes do not have a flame. You will no longer need to search for a lighter or book of matches. One less thing you need to carry around.

The vapor has no odor, however, you may have a slight scent from the flavors of the nicotine cartridges.

Yes! We also offer electronic cigar, pipe and hooka! What ever you smoke, we are here to offer a better way to smoke it!

While with the Ego & Dos eCigarette you have to unscrew the battery and cannot use it until charged, with any other of our devices you sure can vape while charging it.

Yes, you should be able to use the E-Cigarette anywhere and everywhere, since it does not release real smoke (just harmless vapor), however some people who are not familiar with the Electronic Cigarette may ask you not to smoke, until you explain that its not a traditional cigarette, and its not real smoke.

Our lifetime warranty covers faulty electronic parts only (Device body, batteries & chargers)
Dry-Herbs Vaporizers do have a limited 30 days warranty.
Coils and tanks have a 48 hours warranty.

Ego & other devices

No, you will not get nicotine poisoning from using the E-Cigarette, due to the fact that our E-Cigarette has a built in electronic security system which stops automatically if too many inhalations occur within a short time period or you take an inhalation of over 8 seconds long.

Click 5 rapid times on the power button to turn off the device. You can repeat this action to lock it.

Many tanks have different ways of replacing the coils. Some are from the bottom and some are from the top. In the Smoke To Live Subtank, you will unscrew the bottom part of the tank and extract the existing coil.

While with the Ego cigarette you have to unscrew the battery and cannot use it until charged with any other of our devices you sure can vape while charging it.

Yes of course. All devices use the same thread therefore you can use any tank.

There are a few possible reasons for that:
1. Crack in your tank. We recommend getting to a location so a sales rep can look at it.
2. Coil/ tank is not screwed tight enough.
3. Coil needs to be replaced.

There are a few possible reasons for that:
1. You did not prime your coil (dripping e-Liquid on the cotton of the coil).
2. You did not le it sit for 1-2 minutes when you first put your e-Liquid.
3. You are out of Juice in your tank.
4. You need to replace your coil.

Dos eCigarettes

The cartomizer contains the nicotine strength that you get when you use the Electronic Cigarette. The cartridges come in various strengths: High (16mg nicotine), medium (11mg nicotine), low (6mg nicotine), none (0mg nicotine). The cartomizers also come in various flavors such as: Tobacco (just like a real cigarette),menthol, apple, cherry, strawberry, chocolate, coffee and vanilla.

The E-Cigarette has no switch to turn-on or turn-off. You simply inhale on the device and it switches on, and when you are done, put it back in your pocket or carrying case, and it shuts off automatically.

The battery will last for approximately one day with normal use, however with the E-Cigarette starter kit, it includes 2 batteries, so you can always have one charged, while using the other.

The cartomizer is equivalent to about 20-30 traditional cigarettes or more (Depends on the smoker’s intake).

The E-cigarette has an automatic cut-off after 10-15 puffs that will stop supply of liquid for several minutes. The reason for this is to prevent getting too much nicotine into your body too quickly. Its a safety mechanism, just wait a little bit and your E-Cigarette will work again.

You should replace the cartomizer when the vapor released by your E-Cigarette reduces. This is usually an indication that the nicotine in the cartomizer is running out. You can also refill it with our e-Liquid.

The flashing light at the top of the device, indicates that the battery is low and needs to be recharged, or the security system has been activated.