Some of the causes of lung disease of e-cigarette smokers have been revealed

US health authorities have revealed some counterfeit e-cigarette brand names that may be the cause of the death of six people. These are THC (marijuana active ingredient) from illegal manufacturers.

Several marijuana products have been identified as potential causes of the mysterious lung disease epidemic that was discovered among some 800 people who used vaporizers and e-cigarettes. US health authorities have announced that the products include THC (marijuana active ingredient) for e-cigarettes under the Dank Vapes brand, as well as some other illegal refills that people have purchased from friends, family or on the street.

Authorities noted that the Dank Vapes brand is affixed to different fill types and does not refer to a particular blend or single product. “Dank Vapes looks like the leading brand of counterfeit brands with the same packaging that can be obtained on the street or on websites that are used to market THC refills for e-cigarettes, with no one major manufacturer or one major marketer,” the Wisconsin and Illinois Health Authorities report said With the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States (CDC). It is unclear who makes these products and where they come from, the report said.

The researchers interviewed 86 people in Illinois and Wisconsin between the ages of 53 and 15, who became ill after using e-cigarettes. 60% of them needed intensive care. 87% of them purchased the fillings from informal sources in the three months before they became ill. 57 people purchased the Dank Vapes brand.

Other brands that the authorities have identified are: Moon Rocks, Off White and TKO. One of the reasons that made the products attractive is that they don’t smell of Cannabis, so the user can hide what he smokes. Health authorities do not know if the deaths and illness in other parts of the U.S. are related to those THC brands identified in Illinois and Wisconsin.

People who have been using THC for a long time have warned each other on social networks on the internet not to use Dank Vapes and other fake brands for fear of containing toxic components. Some people on social networks admitted to continuing to use the product despite the warnings. We wouldn’t recommend to vape while you doing sport activities such as soccer, basketball, Horse Riding etc

Conclusion: What people, unfortunately, passed away from IS NOT the same as what you buy in-stores.
ILLEGAL, UNREGULATED cartridges and pods typically sold on the street or internet is the problem. Know the difference!