It is official, Vaping illness points to vitamin E oil as a cause

US health authorities confirm the previous reports that evaporative cartridges diluted with vitamin E acetate are the cause of the mysterious “evaporator disease” that has already killed 39 people, not cannabis or THC.

Vitamin E-based Honey Cut (Honey Cut) is sold online and is specifically marketed for cannabis oil cartridge dilution

Samples of lung fluids taken from 29 patients in the mysterious disease that attacked vaporisation consumers in 10 U.S. states all contained the same chemical, “Vitamin E Acetate,” according to an official statement released by the American Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) .

The CDC announced the new disclosure yesterday (8.9), and for him is a breakthrough in the mysterious ‘Mars epidemic’ investigation that has plagued consumers who have purchased cannabis evaporative cartridges in the black market. At least 2,051 such cases have been identified in the United States in recent months, and the death toll is 39 people.

The chemical in question, vitamin E acetate, began selling in the past year as a dedicated diluent for illegal evaporation cartridges due to its thick texture, which allows for the depletion of cannabis extraction without making it more liquid.

Consumers, who rely on the degree of closeness of cannabis extraction in the cartridge as an estimate of its purity, since the thicker the material is considered to be of higher quality, do not notice at the time of purchase that it is a diluted product.

Vitamin Island has already been identified by health authorities in some US states at the end of September as the possible cause of the epidemic after it was found in high concentrations in the patients’ evaporation cartridges.

This conclusion from the local authorities is now officially endorsed as well by the federal CDC investigation, after he has analyzed the samples taken from patients’ lungs and found vitamin E in all of them.

Lab Test Results of Valid Evaporative Cartridges and Illegal Evaporative Cartridges conducted by NBC News


“Vitamin E acetate usually does no harm when consumed orally as a dietary supplement or when applied to the skin. However, previous research suggests that when inhaled, vitamin E acetate may interfere with lung function, ”the CDC website states.

Experts explain that when vitamin E undergoes heating in the vaporizer, it becomes a kind of sticky tar or ‘grease’. As you can imagine, inhaling these ‘greasy’ vapors can cause serious harm to health, though researchers are still trying to figure out the exact mechanism by which the lung damage is done.

The CDC searched for additional hazardous substances in samples taken from patients’ lungs and was unable to find any other cause of concern other than vitamin E.

This breakthrough does not necessarily mean that the investigation has come to an end, or that vitamin E acetate is the sole cause of lung disease. It is estimated that there may be other dangerous chemicals in the illegal evaporation products that have caused some of the morbidity, which is why the CDC’s investigative actions in collaboration with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are continuing.

Laboratory tests conducted by NBC News as part of a September investigation found, in addition to vitamin E, also dangerous pesticides in 10 of 10 illegal vaporization cartridges tested.

Amongst all the illegal cartridges tested was the fungicidal product Myclobutanil, part of which becomes cyanide at evaporation. Pesticides and fungicides were also found in Boscalid, Propiconzol, Tboconzol, Triploxystrobin and Metlaxil, in addition to the insecticides Chlorphenpyr, Etoxazole, Malethion, Fipronyl and Pipronabiluric Chloroturicuricuricuricuricuricuricuricuricuricurethane. Almost all of these cartridges also contained a high concentration of Vitamin E and, accordingly, contained much less THC than was listed on the packaging.

By comparison, laboratory tests conducted for legal evaporative cartridges sold in a supervised market and authorized stores found no pesticides or vitamin E at all. The vaporizing cartridges in the legal market are under strict scrutiny and supervision so that they are unlikely to be hazardous, but the CDC’s recommendation is to completely avoid using cannabis vaporizing cartridges until the investigation is complete.

It should be noted that the medical cannabis oils produced for patients in Israel also contain vitamin E, which helps in the firming of the oil, but as mentioned above, this oil is intended for use in swallowing or sublingual absorption, rather than inhalation, smoking or evaporation. According to the Israeli Ministry of Health, a warning recently issued that the use of inhaled cannabis oils is prohibited.