Where does Electronic Cigarette come from and does it have disadvantages?

Electronic cigarette is one of the revolutionary solutions invented in China in order to allow the reduction of smoking and eventually even help complete rehab.
The E-Cigarette we provide holds CE & ROHS certifications that certify that our product has met the European consumer safety, health and environmental requirements.

Are there any disadvantages in E-Cigarette?

Up until those days, no formal proof of a single claim about any disadvantages of using electronic cigarettes has been found.
However, some argue that the use of an electronic cigarette is not really effective for smoking cessation.
The reason for such determination is because an integral part of the process of quitting smoking need to be related to mental encourages continued smoking.
Some argue that holding an electronic cigarette in hand and operation of exhalation, contradict the principles of quitting smoking, but this claim does not have any scientific base.

What Ministry of Health says about E-Cigarette?

Ministry of Health did not recommend sweeping and unequivocal statement regarding the use of any electronic cigarette as a smoking cessation recommended measures.
Yet, possibility of existence of any toxins in the electronic cigarette, haven’t been proved.
It is clear for everyone that the electronic cigarette does not contain the hundreds of types of toxins which founded in cigarette made of tobacco.
Besides that, electronic cigarette has the amount of benefits far outweigh the amount of possible drawbacks and it also provides the ultimate solution for those who want to save money on the purchase of cigarettes and significantly reduce their use.