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      • AJ King Avatar

        Had the best experience. Talia always helps me pick out great new flavors. She is very knowledgeable, any time I... read more

        AJ King 7/13/2019
        Rebecca Salajan Avatar

        This place was great! Quality products and great prices. Vera was very knowledgeable and helped me find exactly what I... read more

        Rebecca Salajan 7/11/2019
        Mohammed Hasan Avatar

        Came to the shop and Talia set me up with a really good MOD. She was really thorough and helped... read more

        Mohammed Hasan 7/13/2019
      • Anda Pesel Avatar

        Really clean place! Very knowledgeable staff. I went several times and they are very helpful, especially Vera. Very personable and... read more

        Anda Pesel 7/13/2019
        Miguel Elizardo Avatar

        Very knowledgeable and good products. Vera attended me to my needs and delivered great customer service. Will definitely come back... read more

        Miguel Elizardo 7/12/2019
        Thomas Kourti Avatar

        Apart from the excellent customer service, they also have the best deal on Suorin pods and devices! Literally 50% off... read more

        Thomas Kourti 7/31/2019
      • David Donsky Avatar

        Nice prices and warranties on there products

        David Donsky 8/20/2019
        xitoki wolfkin Avatar

        Friendly staff ready to help you get what you need

        xitoki wolfkin 8/25/2019
        Renee Higgs Avatar

        I went into the shop today to find some CBD oil and the Man that was working the shop today... read more

        Renee Higgs 8/24/2019

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      What are Nicotine salts? What is the craze about Nic Salt? For the individuals who are keen on becoming familiar with salt nicotine and what it can accomplish for you, you're in the perfect spot. Things being what they are, what's the distinction between salt nicotine and what individuals are vaping now? Many people know [...]

      Things to do in San Antonio with kids

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      It is official, Vaping illness points to vitamin E oil as a cause

      It is official, Vaping illness points to vitamin E oil as a cause US health authorities confirm the previous reports that evaporative cartridges diluted with vitamin E acetate are the cause of the mysterious "evaporator disease" that has already killed 39 people, not cannabis or THC. Vitamin E-based Honey Cut (Honey Cut) is sold online [...]

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