Juucy Xv2 Disposable 2200 Puffs 5%


Juucy Flavors:

Their master mixologists have blended flavors from the best flavor houses the world over to create and deliver gourmet, custom flavors that are unique, invigorating, very smooth, and very juucy! They made it very hard to pick a favorite flavor. We welcome you to try.


Juucy Devices:
Juucy model Xv2 is an ultra-premium, solid quality construction, disposable device that packs a 7 mL tank, high-grade 950mah battery delivering TRUE 2200 puff capacity. Their device has been designed alongside our custom flavors, matching oil viscosity perfectly to heat Temperatures and air flow Intake to deliver a smooth and seamless Vaping experience that is unmatched on all fronts. Because of Its unique form factor, soft-touch finish, evenly disbursed weight distribution, and perfect fitting mouthpiece, model Xv2 delivers an all-around vaping experience like no other device on the market.


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