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Vaporizer it's a special steamer which will allow you to change the atmosphere or the mood by utilizing the most revolutionary technology that doesn`t affects health and do not create any environmental harm.

Vaporizer offers you a freedom to enjoy natural herbal blends for upgrading the mood and the atmosphere.

Vaporizer is a discreet and a portable that doesn`t require lighters and can be used for any blends of oil, herbs or liquids.

The controlled consistent - temperature heating system, designed to turn the oil, herbal and liquid formulas into a vapor.

Thanks to different blends formulas, our devices can be used for varied purposes like palliation, refreshing, empowering energy, enhancing the passion or even for upgrading the intimacy

Product of the month

AtmosRaw Kit (Dry blend)

AtmosRAW™ is Utilizing the most advanced technology available, we have developed the ultimate portable dried blend vaporizer. No need for butane or a lighter with the advanced vaping system. Simply fill your vaporizer and your ready to vape in style. The ceramic heating chamber is where all the magic happens. Equipped with a hand-made ceramic core, our heating chamber is unlike anything else in the world. It provides even heating of your dried blends while containing the heat within the chamber.

Availble in uniqe kit colors:

Lightening Blue, Platinum Silver, Midnight Black



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